August Joki



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August L. Joki

Work Experience:
· iPhone Application Freelancer				March 2008 to Present
    Written and contributed to several applications that are or will be in
the iTunes App Store.

· Research Intern at Nokia Research Center Palo Alto	March 2008 to March 2009
    Research in Social Proximity Networks including indoor based locationing,
context sharing, and ad-hoc file transfer, using phones under Péter Boda.

· UCLA Graduate Student Researcher in CENS	     September 2005 to March 2009
    Graduate research in wireless sensor networks and urban sensing at the
Center for Embedded Networked Sensing under Deborah Estrin.

· Intel Research Berkeley Summer Intern			June to September 2006
   Designed and built a software architecture for Symbian smartphones using
J2ME as part of the Urban Atmospheres project under Eric Paulos.

· UC Berkeley Senior Engineering Assistant	     January 2004 to July 2005
    Undergraduate research in the NEST group working on simulations of
wireless sensor networks under David Culler.

· Vector Marketing Sales Representative			   June to August 2002
Sold merchandise for a $200 million annual revenue company.

· College of Chemistry Assistant Webmaster	    September to December 2001
    Helped maintain the website, created new pages, and researched new
software for use with the website. 

· Labcon intern as Network Administrator Assistant       June to December 2000
    Set up new computers. Installed new hardware. Troubleshot computer

· Autodesk intern as Webmaster				  January to June 2000
    Maintained, updated, and created websites using ASP for the Community
Relations department.

· Mobile Colloquy							iPhone
     Implemented the Whois and DCC controllers for the mobile side. Various
bug fixes.

· Taxi Cards								iPhone
    Wrote the application including managed paging, dynamic content loading,
and smooth transitions from opaque to transparent UI.

· Campaignr						       Symbian OS, S60
    Designed and wrote application to let other researchers task phones
without needing to know the development environment. Controls hardware and
software sensors through XML.


· G. Yang, Z. Liu, K. Seada, H. Pang, A. Joki, J. Yang, D. Rosner,
M. Anand, P. Boda. Social Proximity Networks on Cruise Ships, Mobile
Interaction with the Real World Workshop at MobileHCI, 2008.

· A. Joki, J. Burke, D. Estrin. Campaignr: A Framework for Participatory
Data Collection on Mobile Phones, Center for Embedded Network Sensing
Paper 770, 2007.

· M. Demmer, P. Levis, A. Joki, E. Brewer, D. Culler, Tython: a Dynamic
Simulation Environment for Sensor Networks, Technical Report No. 
UCB/CSD-05-1372, EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley, 2005.

· O. Gnawali, B. Greenstein, K.Y. Jang, A. Joki, J. Paek, M. Vieiera, D. 
Estrin, R. Govindan, E. Kohler, The Tenet Architecture for Tiered Sensor 
Networks, Proceedings of the Fourth ACM Conference on Embedded Networked 
Sensing Systems (SenSys), 2006.

Conference Demos:
· S. Reddy, T. Schmid, A. Parker, J. Porway, G. Chen, A. Joki, J. Burke, M. 
Hansen, D. Estrin, and M. Srivastava, UrbanCENS: Sensing with the Urban 
Context in Mind, Eighth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing 
(UbiComp), 2006.

Conference Reviews:
· Fourth Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors (EmNets), 2007.

Workshops Organized:
· Urban Sensing Summit 2006 — Held to share current research, identify key 
issues, and create cross-institutional and cross-discipline collaborations.

· Interactive City Summit 2006 — Held to share ideas and insights about our 
omni-connected megalopolis. Held in conjunction with ISEA 2006 and featured at 
the symposium.

UCLA						Computer Science MS
Los Angeles, CA 90095				CENS
2005-2008,2009					Graduation: March 2009

UC Berkeley					Physics Major - EECS Minor
Berkeley, CA 94720				3.31 GPA
2001-2005					Graduation: May 20, 2005

Terra Linda High School 			Honor Student
San Rafael, CA 94903				4.12 GPA
1998-2001					Graduation: June 8, 2001

High School Honors Program			Structure and Interpretation of 	
UC Berkeley					Computer Programs — Fall 2000
Berkeley, CA 94720				Electrical Engineering Uncovered 	
2000-2001					 — Spring 2001

Academic Talent Development Program		Intuitive Approach to Higher
UC Berkeley					Mathematics — Summer 1998		
Berkeley, CA 94720 				Symbolic Programming with Scheme 
1998-1999					and AP Statistics — Summer 1999